Pearl strands

Are your pearls fresh water Keishi pearls? Much sought after and hard to find, Keishi pearls are created by the oyster as almost a freak occurrence. The oyster rejects the bead that has been injected into it leaving only the tissue graft to form the pearl. Without a nucleus to guide the ultimate shaping of the pearl, their shapes vary widely, are organic, lightweight and 100 percent solid nacre. Being 100 percent nacre gives it especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality and exceptional softness.

Most Keishi, in fact, have greater lustre than even the highest quality cultured pearls. Thus, Keishi pearls are lightweight (no nucleus), have greater lustre (more nacre), unique shape and texture, and incredible softness (more layers of nacre). I also have top quality unusual Baroque, Biwa, and other freshwater pearls. My unique design offers two sterling clasps (one in front and one in back) so that pendants can be switched daily - wear one of my pendants or one of your own! As an added plus, each necklace strand can also be separated to wear as 2 bracelets. Many pearls appear to be the same but my pearls are guaranteed to be the highest quality supplied by the #1 pearl dealer in the country.

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Pearl strands Keishi pearls