Judaica over $136

When my daughter was Bat Mitzvah age, I wondered how I would afford to buy Bat Mitzvah gifts for my daughter's many friends. Thus, heat-treated sterling Stars of David! The stars quickly caught on with women of every age. Heat-treating involves melting the sterling with a torch to produce color, texture and an organic feel. There is usually a freshwater pearl or opal on top of each star. Each piece is hand-fabricated, a one-of-a-kind creation, and signed on the back. If you like my jewelry but are interested in a lower priced piece, click here.

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Stars of David, $154 Stars of David, $175
Stars of David, $190, opals, citrines, garnets, black opals Stars of David, $220, pearls, opals, Mexican opals

Judaic gold

Commission me to make a special gold Jewish star with all your favorite stones or buy one of the unique gold pieces below. All are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and an artistic creation.

Corrugated sterling star, $650 Gold Australian opal, $650 Pearl upside down V, $650
14 KY, sterling, biwa pearls. 14 KY, biwa pearl, Australian opal 14 KY, sterling, biwa pearls