Judaica $136 and under

When my daughter was Bat Mitzvah age, I wondered how I would afford to buy Bat Mitzvah gifts for my daughter's many friends. Thus, heat-treated sterling Stars of David! The stars quickly caught on with women of every age. Heat-treating involves melting the sterling with a torch to produce color, texture and an organic feel. There is usually a freshwater pearl or opal on top of each star. Each piece is hand-fabricated, a one-of-a-kind creation, and signed on the back. If you like my jewelry but are interested in a lower priced piece, see the bottom of the page.

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Stars of David without pearls, $75 Stars of David, $85 Stars of David, $100
Stars of David, $118, 1 1/4" Stars of David, $136, 1" to 1 1/4"

Clock and electronic parts Judaica

Who says clock parts can't adorn? Watch movements, hardware store parts, electronics all make fun and unusual jewelry. Choose to wear the LED (electronic part) that lights up your clock radio. These Stars of David pendants make great Bat Mitzvah gifts or unique showpieces for yourself. Done in limited editions so you can buy one for yourself and one for a friend.

Calendar wheel, $36 Hardware store washer, $36 Small diamond, $36
Watch part, brass, sterling. Sterling, hardware store part, brass. Sterling, brass, electronic part.
Medium diamond, $42 Watch movement, $48 Large diamond, $48
Sterling, brass, electronic part. Sterling, brass, watch movement. Sterling, brass, electronic part.
Clock radio LED, $64 Cantilever clock gear, $64 Gold and silver clock gear, $90
Electronic part, sterling. Sterling, clock gear. Sterling, watch part.